The Chef Specialties

General Tso’s Chicken * (crispy fried light batterchicken chunks with a sweet moderately hot sauce with broccoli, and carrots) 9.50

Sesame Chicken * (Spicy dish, light sweet flavor, light batter & sesame seeds) 9.50

Sesame Prawn* (Large 13 Shrimp) 12.95

Sesame Beef* 10.65

Triple Delight. (Chicken, beef and prawn with lots of vegetables in a dark sauce, very nice flavor) 10.65

Sweet & Sour Combination. (Sweet & sour shrimp, pork and chicken w/ pineapple chunks) 10.95

• Tomato Fish  or  Saucey Fish* 11.95

Fish With Black bean Sauce * 11.95

Kung Pao Triple* (Shrimp, chicken and pork).     10.45

Sesame Triple* (Shrimp, chicken and pork) 10.45

BBQ Pork with steamed rice 8.85

Salt & Pepper Crispy Prawn* (13) 12.95

Hot & Spicy Prawns (13) With Lemon grass* (Vietnamese style) 12.95

Roasted Crispy Duck (1/2) (or duck with vegetable) 13.95

• Mapo Tofu*(Pork w/ fresh tofu, mushrooms, pears, carrots, onions in a bean sauce) 9.50

• BUN (Vietnamese rice noodle salad) (Choice of: beef, pork, grilled chicken, mock duck, tofu or egg rolls over rice noodle w/ peanut & bean sprout, lettuce.) 8.55

#19 Vietnamese Grilled Combo (Grilled beef, grilled chicken. eggroll and fried rice.) 7.45

• Eggplant Special* (Choose: Chicken, Pork, Beef, MockDuck, Tofu, or Eggplant, onions, scarrots, tomatoes and basil in a spicy sauce)   9.55